Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Developing your staff

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Hello readers, so some of you are not getting the adequate training at work and because of that you feel underdeveloped. Hopefully, business owners will learn from this. Really, your staff are one of the most important asset your company has got. And if you are not concerned about helping them develop their career then you might lose them. High staff turnover is bad for a business. I am sure you know that

Yes,  you are paying them well but you are not giving the adequate training. First of all, not every individual wants to work for a business through their whole life some want to start their own businesses and if they are not learning much from the job, they might be thinking of a way to leave the job.

Among their peers they also feel lost as they are not up to date with the development within their field as your company does not expose them to such. What if a situation whereby they have to leave that job, they know it will be difficult to get another job as they cannot compete with their peers whom have been trained properly. As such, they will be thinking of moving to a company that will make them feel secure about their competency if an unexpected situation warrants them to leave that job.

Well staff members, if your bosses are not training you properly on your job. You could attend courses by yourself till the situation changes.

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