Monday, 27 June 2016

You want to start a business: Here are 4 business ideas

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Hello readers, so today I will be looking at 4 business ideas. I think you should explore one of them.

1. Halal Beauty Products
This are products that need to be fully explored. Yeah some companies make halal beauty products, however, there is still room for more investors. Beauty products could range from make up to facial scrubs to body cream and much more.

2. Globalization
Okay, that term sounds bogous, but these days people like to buy products from countries they do not reside in. So what your business will be doing is to be the middle man. They buy products for customers in one country and deliver it to their doorsteps in another country. It is a good one.

3. Manufacturing
This is one industry that can bring you a lot of income and it is quite sustainable. However, you will need to manufacture a product that falls into the basic needs of life which are food, water, shelter and clothing. While focusing majorly food, water and shelter.

4. Purchasing
This is a business idea that just popped into my head. A lot of people are busy at work these days and they need someone to take care of their grocery shopping. Okay some supermarkets deliver them to your house, but what if you need them from the open market. I am sure people at the open market won't be willing to deliver your groceries. A company that supplies individuals that will pick up your groceries and drop them at your crib will not be a bad idea.

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