Saturday, 18 June 2016

What airline offers the best prices?

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Hello readers, so today I decided to pick 5 airlines. It is good to note that other airlines were not checked. It is basically the airline that offers the best prices amongst these five. The competition is actually between BA and Virgin, this is because at times Virgin offers better prices than BA while BA does the same in other situations. However, I will be giving the number one position to.....

5. Fly Emirate
This airline is the most expensive based on my research. For those that enjoy connecting flights whereby you will land in one airport before embarking on a plane that will take you to your final destination, Fly Emirate will most likely take you to one airport before taking you to your final destination.

4. Arik
This airline is also expensive. According to research their service is not one of the best. They offer direct flights to your destination.

3. KLM
This airline takes the number 3 position, however, it will most  likely take you to one airport first before taking you to your final destination.

2. Virgin
I have decided to give Virgin the number 2 position. This is because I personally prefer the service provided by BA.

1. BA
The number one position goes to BA. 

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