Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How to prioritize your business tasks

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Hello readers, today I will be looking at how to handle your business tasks. You should plan first when you have several tasks. While planning you should assess you tasks first. When tasks do carry equal weights, the task that requires the minimum time to execute should be carried out first. You do not want to get stuck carrying out a task that requires time and a lot of mental effort to execute. You carry out the less tedious tasks first. The most challenging one which will require more time should be carried out last.

When tasks do not carry the same weight, then it is a different ball game when it comes to prioritizing. A task that has a close deadline  and is of high importance must be executed first. A task that is of high importance and minimal urgency can be executed secondly, you can divide the tasks into smaller parts. Execute them in such a way that you meet the deadline.

Tasks that are of little importance but are required to be executed urgently should be delegated if possible, if not you should find a time efficient way to execute the tasks. Tasks that do have minimal importance and are not required immediately should  be executed last. In a situation whereby you have one task, importance and urgency does not matter. It is best you execute the task immediately. Procrastination is bad for business.

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