Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Defining business hierachy

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Hello readers, so today I will be talking about hierachy in business. I am sure most individuals have been employed before. One of the challenges individuals do face at work as to do with positions. Someone said to me yesterday, a HOD (Head of Department) sent for her, however, she is also a HOD (Head of Department). So she did not respond, she called (by phone) a superior colleague to report the situation and the superior colleague told her not to respond.

This HOD that called her has just been promoted (Director), however, she is still holds the HOD position. Because, she has been promoted as a Director she feels she is now superior to the other HOD. However, the other HOD does not feel that way, this is because 1. They are both HODs and 2. She feels her department is more important, as she and two people that are superior to her at work are the ones that take the important positions during meetings.

That is just a scenario, some individuals do face that at work too. One person thinking they are the superior and the other person not thinking the same way. This does cause conflict at work, in order to make work move smoothly, business owners should have a clearly defined structure. That way each individual will be ascertained about their position, and will also know who can control their action at work.

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