Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Is depression stopping you from achieving your financial goals?

Everything in this world is spiritual, while some individuals accept it some individual prefer to differ. When you work hard to take care of your overall well being, then if Allah thinks you deserve it you will be blessed with it. First of all, you need a good relationship with Him, the better the relationship gets, the better you will get emotionally and mentally. The better the relationship gets, the more you will stay away from actions that can lead to consequences that could cause depression. As such in addition to a good relationship with Allah, carrying out righteous deeds will help you get stronger emotionally and mentally.

You also have to take good care of your well being. This includes proper diet (balanced diet, fruits and water), adequate exercise and adequate sleep. You also have to develop a positive way of thinking, always get adequate proof before you accept a negative thought, learn to let go of the little things, no one is perfect. For example, he entered the office and he didn't greet me, to me that flimsy, thats nothing to get worried about. Maybe he was absent minded or maybe it didnt occur to him. It will be nice of you to say hello first. Or she saw me the other day and she acted like she didnt see me, maybe she was uncomfortable with the way she was dressed that was why she acted that way. 

You also note that at times when an individual makes a statement, there is a possibility you could interpret it based on your own insecurity far far away from the message the person was trying to pass. So remember, positive thinking.

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