Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Forward thinking...

Hello reader, are you stuck in the past? Now is the time to start thinking forwardly. Backward thinking is a no no. To be successful in business you have to be a forward thinker. According to the Cambridge dictionary it is the planning for the future and not just the present. After that being said, when you make a mistake in business, rather than getting stuck on it, pondering pondering and pondering over it again (backward thinking) why not see it has a learning opportunity (forward thinking). Look at the mistakes you made, think about the amendments that can be done to them and apply it to your new tasks. Learn from all experiences whether good or bad and keep applying what you have learnt to your new task.
Qualities of forward thinking

Basically, in order to execute a business task efficiently and effectively you must first have a plan. Without a plan to help you set the steps you will be taking to achieve your goals, there will be a higher probability of failing the task. Managers who make long term plans are more successful in business than managers that do not make such plans. Long term plans must be broken into short term plans which will make your tasks easier for you to achieve. Business plans should be made for the present and the future.

Moving on
When a mistake occurs, you should not waste too much time thinking and talking about it, cause really it is a sunk cost, okay that is an accounting term but really all I am trying to say is that it has already happened so whether you talk and think about it continuously it won't change the mistake. The best action to take will be to look at what you did wrongly and learn from it so that you can apply it to your next task.

Blaming Others
A forward thinker accepts responsibility for his or her actions, when things do go right they do take credit for it definitely if they are responsible for it and when things do go wrong they also take responsibility for it rather than blaming others or a situation. 

Growth Mindset
A forward thinker has a growth mindset, you can either be part of the problem or be part of the solution. An individual with a growth mindset will always want to be part of the solution. 

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