Thursday, 14 April 2016

Making your business environment condusive

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Hello readers, so today I will be talking about ways to make your business comfortable for workers. Really, when your employees are happy they deliver better results. At the end of the day it benefits both the business and employees when the business environment is condusive. How do we make the environment condusive, first of all the business must be kept neat at all times. It should be nicely decorated. That creates a nice ambience and make staff members feel good at work. When they feel good they will be motivated to come to work and deliver good results.

Okay, well that is just one factor, I will pick a good working relationship to a very beautiful office, and I assume most individuals will. As such employees must be encouraged and trained to be thoughtful of colleagues when dealing with them. They should be informed to treat colleagues the way they want to be treated, in other words treat each other with respect. A form of motivation could be introduced, for example an award could be given monthly for good conduct, a bonus at the end of year could be used as an incentive, in other words the 3 staff with the best conduct through out the year should be given a bonus. There should be a zero-tolerance policy to bullying and harrassment at work. I am with companies that do not encourage couples to work together.

Salary is another important factor at work. All individuals work so that they could make a living. Career advancement and development are all contributing factors, no doubt. However, when you do not pay their salary on time you leave them unsatisfied. Making the task they do more interesting and having events that foster good working relationship is amongst factors that contribute to a good working relationship.

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