Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Different styles of management to be used to implement changes

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Hello readers, today I will be writing about how to implement changes. At times businesses do not perform well the way they envisaged they will, when that occurs, a change might be required in the business. To make the change possible, different styles of management could be used. Here are a few

- Managers can get employees to be involved in the creation of a new strategy for the business. This is because employees could resist the change and make it difficult for it to be implemented. However, when they become part of the change by contributing to the new strategy, they will be motivated to accept it easily, thus making the whole process smooth.

- Another method that can be used to implement changes is to delegate duties to senior employees like deparmental heads. Delegation will revolve around the formulation of the new strategy.

- Another way changes can be achieved in an organisation is by educating the staff about the change. Letting them know the reason behind the change, what goal is desired to be achieved by implementing the change. The way the change will be achieved should also be communicated. That way they will be encouraged to accept the change easily.

- Another way a change can be achieved is for the Head/Owner of the business to just set up the process and tell the employees to follow suit. And make it known that anyone that tries to make the change difficult could be penalised for it.

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