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Best places to visit this summer

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1. Canada
This country you could visit for summer. There are so many places that you can visit in Canada, from Alberta to Calgary to Manitiba to Toronto. However, if you are looking for a different experience you should visit Whistler, they have lakes, beaches and parks. You can go horseback riding, jet boating, tree adventures and much more.

2. France
Paris the capital city of France you could visit. It is a beautiful city and there are so many places you can visit when you are in Paris. However, a place I will recommend you visit is the Seine, it is a river with a beautiful view, you can have a cruise on it at sunset.

3. Mauritius
This is a countty located in East Afica, it is popular for its lagoons and beaches. A summer holiday in Mauritius won't be a bad one. Port Louis,  the capital city is the place to visit when you are Mauritius. It is located between the indian ocean and a mountain. Port Louis waterfront offers entertainment arenas, it also provides a place for shopping. There are nice hotels and restaurants.

4. Republic of Singapore
This is another country that should be visited. It is an attractive one. Singapore is the city you should visit when you are there. Gardens by the bay you should visit when you are in Singapore. From the name, you can tell it is s garden with a waterfront. Attractions include the cloud forest, flower dome, OCBC skyway, supertree grove and much more. Check it out if you decide to visit the Republic of Singapore.

5. United Arab Emirates
This is another beautiful country that can be visited. It is located in Asia. It has beautiful buildings. A place you should visit when you are there is Dubai. You should check out The Aquarium& Underwater zoo when you are in Dubai. This is located at the Dubai Mall. It has an aquarium tank which has 140 species in it, an aquarium tunnel which offers a unique experience when you walk through it. The underwater zoo introduces you to creatures you did not know existed.

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