Saturday, 23 April 2016

Best places to eat in Germany

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Hello readers, today I decided to let you know about the places you can eat in Germany if you want to chill out, so I did a little bit of research for you.

China Moon Roof Terrace

This is a place that I recommend if you want to just chill out in Germany, probably you are there on holiday or you live there and you want to relax. The menu looks good. You should try it out. It is located in Munich.

Rayan Chicken

This is a place you can chill out and eat American dishes. If you are looking for burgers, chicken and much more. You should try it out if you visit Berlin.

Mr Vertigo

This appears to be a reserved restaurant, however, the food they serve looks yumsious from sandwiches, to nice lunch dishes, you should  check it out if you visit Berlin and you are looking for something to eat. 

Zam Zam

This is another restaurant that you can visit. They sell indian food, they say the ambience of the restaurant is nice. Well if you are into Indian food. It is located in Berlin.

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  2. Thanks Mark, I am glad you liked it.