Thursday, 11 February 2016

How the olive oil Mogul Spain took over Italy

Hello readers, do you know that Italy stole the number 1 position from Spain. Spain used to produced half the world's olive oil, Italy used to produce half of what Spain used to produce. However, when it came to olive oil, Italy was the first country that will pop into the mind of anyone, that was because Italy used to buy most of Spain's olive oil and then put the oil in their own bottles or cans. They then label the cans or bottles oil from Italy. So everyone thought Italy was number 1. 

To take back their position, Spain decided to produce more olive oil than the Italians could import, but there was one thing Italy was already in the minds of people, to remove Italy from the minds of people, they created an advert that stated "Two thousand years ago the Romans were our best customers. Today, they still are". Afterwards they started to label their cans or bottles of oil using lines like "100% olive oil from Spain" and wholla it worked, they got their number one position. Today Spain is known as the largest producer of olive oil and Italy as the largest importer of olive oil.

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