Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Two Schools of thought (Business Ethics)

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In a previous article, I gave you a scenario and I told you to ponder on it. Today, I decided to write about it. I told you about a 6 year old boy that was going to make breakfast for his Dad on his birthday. While he was trying to toast bread, he spoilt the toaster he had just purchased for $200. Now a school of thought will say the boy should be scolded since he spoilt the toaster, that he should not have touched the toaster. Another school of thought will say his intention was pure so he should not be scolded but thanked for his effort, however should be told in a very nice manner to seek adult supervision in future.

Well, I agree with the latter. The boy should be thanked, that way you encourage him to keep doing good. He wanted to put a smile on his fathers face. As such, he should be appreciated for it.

P.S Parents do not tell your children they are asking you a stupid question, no question is stupid. If they do not know let them ask and that goes for adults too, if you do not know ask. I overheard a father telling his daughter she just asked a stupid question and he was scolding her for it. Well, I started singing no question is stupid,lol!, I am thinking she will be like 5 years old or so. You undermine a child when you tell them they asking a stupid question, their emotional state forms between the ages of 0 to 7. You need to nuture their confidence at that age.

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