Monday, 21 December 2015


Yay! I promised you all two paragraphs from my book "How to become a successful entrepreneur" Here they are

The way individuals communicate with others depend on their perception of the other person they are communicating with, their past correspondences with the other person and their emotional state. Personally, I believe that the way an individual communicates depend on how they perceive things. People interpret things differently, what might upset one person might not even bother another. Thus, you as an entrepreneur or a potential one will have to develop your reasoning skills.

An individual might mean another thing some other individual might interpret it as another, thus, reasons should be given when necessary and appropriate. For example, a bricklayer might be told to set some blocks in a particular way, the bricklayer might not understand the reason behind it and might just decide to bypass that order. However,  if the bricklayer is told that it will make the building stronger then the bricklayer will be motivated to set the blocks the way he had been requested to do so. The way communication is received depends on the expectation and perception of the receiver, expectation and perception can be reinforced by prestige, atmosphere, environment and desire. Communication can only be received appropriately if it is built on what the receiver already knows. To be able to convince others, you must be convinced yourself.

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