Monday, 7 December 2015

4 suave actions of successful individuals before they sleep

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Hello readers, what do you do before you sleep. Do you watch tv before sleeping or do you browse before you sleep, you should not do all of this before sleeping. They could affect the quality of your sleep. As we all know an individual requires 6-8 hours of sleep everyday to be emotionally healthy. 

So the first suave action they carry out is not to work at least 1 hour before bed time. You should not associate your bed time with work because that way your mind might find it hard to relax when you want to sleep.

The next suave action is they clear their brain before bed time after they have a written a plan for tomorrow. So how do they clear their brain. I have an exercise that I stumbled on while researching, it will help you clear your brain. Thus, sit on your bed with your back straight, close your eyes. Then breathe in, hold your breathe for 10seconds then breathe out while tilting your body to the back. Then do it again.

The next suave action they carry out is to spend time with their family or spouse. They deepen their bond

The next suave action is to be thankful for the success they achieved through out the day. The success they have achieved generally. They pray and thank Allah for all of their blessings.

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