Monday, 23 November 2015

No human is perfect

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It is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. I overheard someone complaining that he couldn't deliver his work on time as a result of another colleague's negligence. Now he thinks the next person to handle the task will think he is slow. As a result of that, he had a bad day. Mehn some people bother themselves over ridiculous things. For one, how to do you know what the person will think, what makes the person's thought more important than yours and lastly if it bothers you that much, just walk up to the person and tell the person the reason behind the lateness.

When I make a mistake, it never bothers me cause I know I am human and I am not perfect. Everyone should adopt that style of thinking. Now some people make mistakes and they think it is the end of the world, if the mistake have consequences, these consequences cannot last forever. Take actions to get rid of these consequences. First you do not succeed, dust yourself and try it again. 

I have a question I want you to ponder on tonight, on the birthday of a young boy's father, the boy goes into the kitchen to make breakfast for his father since it was his birthday. While trying to make toast he spoils the toaster. One party will say the boy should be scolded since he spoilt the toaster, the other party will say the boy's intention was pure so as such he should not be scolded but thanked. What party do you belong to? Keep checking out my blog regularly! Cheers!

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