Friday, 6 November 2015

Nigerian celebrities that started out broke

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Hello readers, so today I decided to write about Nigerian celebrities that started out broke and today they are rolling in money.

Omotola Jolade

She had a good standard of living until her father passed away. It was really bad for her family, she and mum at a time begged her neighbour for money but got an unfavourable response. Today Omotola is worth $2.8 million.

Ramsey Nouah

He was born with a silver spoon, however, his mother became broke. This built him up. There were times him and his mother had no food to eat. He went from grace to grass then to grace again. Today he is worth a lot of money.


These brothers had a poor background. Their parents had to struggle to take care of the family. As kids they slept in their living room with 6 other siblings at night, while their parents slept in the other room. Today, they are worth $128 million. 

Don Jazzy

He was once a security guard. He has always had a flair for music. Today he is worth $35 million.

Terry G
He claims that he did not make money while he sang R&B songs. His R&B songs did not put food on the table. He was broke. Today he sings crazy songs and that puts food on his table. I find it hilarious. He is worth a lot today.

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