Monday, 9 November 2015

How to spend your time in the morning: a tip for financial success

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Some people wake up early in the morning, while some others sleep till late. Guess what all successful entrepreneurs get up early in the morning. Most successful entrepreneurs get up by 6.00am, some are even up by 5.30am. What time do I get up? No I am not telling you (keep guessing, mystery is good for you (smiles)). Managing your time in the morning effectively and efficiently will become an habit over time once you start managing it. Now I sound like an expert on time management. I just carried out a research which I learnt from and I am delivering it.

Do you know most Chief Executive Officers spend 30 minutes in morning running. Okay, me I will walk cause I cannot run hahaha. This is something I am planning to start and I hope you start it too. It gets them fully prepared for the day. We have 24 hours in a day, 8 hours is spent sleeping, 8 hours is spent working if you have a regular job (9am to 5pm). Thus, you have 8 free hours left. I am not going to tell to plan every single hour of your day that will be boring. Please spend some time do something spontaneously.

If you are up by 6am in the morning, you will have 3 free hours for yourself yay! You should spend at least 30 minutes praying to Allah (be conscious of the time for fajr prayers). 20 minutes spent on exercises (they run, you do not have to run, just have a form of exercise), 40 minutes bonding with your family if you live with them, like you might have to cook and have a chat or cater to your kids and spouse if you have kids and a spouse. So guess what you have 1hr 30 minutes to get ready and get down to work. Keep  checking my blog regularly. Cheers!

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