Thursday, 12 November 2015

How to manage creativity

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In a previous article, I mentioned that to stay competitive you have to respond to changes in the market as fast as possible, you also have to be innovative. Being innovative means being inventive which is a form of creativity that needs imagination, knowledge and communication skills. Experts say anyone can be creative, you just have to reach out to it. How true that is I do not know. Anyway, I carried out a research on how to tap into your creative side. Thus I came up with this, at the initial stage of creating your ideas you have to think less, you do not analyse your ideas at that stage you will destroy the creative energy. Being logical should only come at the end. Spend time in the right environment like an adult playground, that will help you relax as such great ideas will pop into your head. Sketching is another way to explore your creative energy according to researchers. Some creative design companies say you should play with legos, you know designing something with your hands.

The way creativity is managed by business owners, managers e.t.c is different from the way other aspect of the business is managed. People who explore their creative side (me I think creativity comes naturally but I cannot question the experts hahaha). Creative individuals enjoy egalitarianism, thus they believe everyone should be treated equally, they love to be spontaneous, they love to experience freedom and have fun while delivering result that will add value to an organisation. They prefer recognition as opposed to being given managerial roles. Thus, individuals managing such departments must put all the information mentioned above into consideration.

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