Wednesday, 4 November 2015

8 tips on how to keep your job

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* Always arrive to work on time, in other words be punctual.

* Do not always make excuses to stay away from work. A good attendance record is required for you to keep your job.

* Deliver results, the work you do should be considered as your product, thus find a way to differentiate your product, aim for excellence.

* Do not form personal relationships at work. Some people will not agree with me but I believe that forming personal relationships at work will only lead to conflict of interest at work. Just form a good working relationship with your colleagues, thus treat them well.

* Make sure you treat your bosses with respect, however you can always make your suggestions known in a polite manner.

* Your holiday should be booked in a strategic manner, thus, do not seek for holidays during busy periods.

* Follow the culture of your department as long as its not anything that is bad for you. For example, colleagues bring in sweets, chocolates and biscuits on their birthdays, then do the same.

* Maintain the suave look

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