Friday, 27 November 2015

5 Affordable Gorgeous Hotels in Asia

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Hello readers, I noticed that you enjoyed a previous post 9 sweet ways to save money on vacation as a result I decided to top it up with a list of affordable gorgeous hotels in Asia.

Panorama Deira Hotel

Dubai is a gorgeous city, no wonder it attracts a lot of tourists. This hotel is tastefully furnished. It is close to the Dubai International airport and prices start from $49 per night.

Pinnacle Lumpinee Park Hotel

This hotel is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand is known for its beautiful cuisines. The hotel has a sauna, an outdoor pool as well as a fitness centre. Prices for this hotel start from $34 per night.

The Pearl Hotel

This 3 star hotel is located at the centre of New Dehli, India. It has a fitness room as well as an open air spa bath. Prices for a room in the hotel start from $29.19 per night.

 The Sanlitun Inn

This is another beautiful hotel which is located in Beijing, China. The Capital International airport is 5 minutes away from the hotel. Prices for a room start from $22 per night.

Centurion Hotel Residential Akasaka

Apparently, hotels are expensive in Japan. This hotel is located in central Tokyo, Japan. It has a solarium, however charges are applied. Prices for this hotel start from $34 per night.

Bookings can be made through their websites, booking sites like,,, and gives discounts, however, not all countries (hotels) are available via the websites.

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