Thursday, 3 September 2015

Great businesses that require little capital to start

Hello readers, I decided to write about businesses that require little capital to start. today they are:

Baking Cakes
Cake that sounds delicious (eat cakes once in a while). You could take a short course on baking cakes. You can bake cakes for weddings, birthday parties and others. Individuals make good money from baking cakes and it requires little capital to start.

Grocery Shops
A grocery shop could be opened with minimal capital, it depends on the scale you are willing to take it to. Start out litte and start to grow the business

Web Designing
Some individuals attend courses to develop skills on designing a website. However, you could develop skills by practising online. A huge amount of money is made from designing websites.

Dry Cleaning
This is another business that could yield a lot of money. You only have to purchase laundry and dry cleaning equipments. You should start out small and then grow bigger.

Event Planning

This also require little capital to start. You do not neccessarily have to attend a course to develop your skills on event planning, if you are organised and you pay attention to details then you can easily start planning events. It could range from planning a big business meeting to parties.

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