Wednesday, 23 September 2015

An estate sale could make you thousands of dollars

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An estate sale is an event where a individual sells his/her belongings. It could also be a family. This sale could occur as a result of wanting to move from one country to another or when cash is needed. Based on a research, some individuals have made money from estate sales. This is because, the items sold are usually below their market prices. When you attend an estate sale only items of real value should be purchased such as appliances, artwork, cooking utensils, dishwares, furnitures, silverwares and others.

After purchases have been made, they could be sold on amazon, ebay, gumtree and the likes. I was informed that an individual went for an estate sale, bought an item for $5 and sold it for $25 on ebay, repeated the process and ended up making $14,000 from it in 6 months. I do not know how much costs he incurred in all, costs could include transportation fees, percentage paid to ebay and the likes, however if he only incurred $5 and sold the items for $25, I find it unacceptable. Nevertheless, you can still attend an estate sale, buy valuable items at very good prices and sell them at ethical prices and overtime you will make your thousands.

The way payments will be taken should always be asked for before committing to buy an item I have been informed. This is because most of the individuals that carry out an estate sale only accept cash, however, some do accept debitt card.

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