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9 Celebrities that started out broke

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Today, I decided to write about celebrities that started out broke and ended up achieving financial growth. When you see celebrities it probably never occurs to you that some of them started out broke. While some have been blessed with wealthy wonderful parents, went ahead to still achieve financial growth for themselves, some other celebrities had nothing to start with. Here they are:

Celine Dion
 The youngest of 14 children was born into poverty, her father was a butcher and her mother was a homemaker, her father earned just $160 a week to support his children, wife and himself. Celine Dion has a wonderful voice, no wonder Rene Angelil was so moved when he listened to her song, that he mortgaged his house to finance her first record and coached her to fame. As of December 2014, she was worth $630million.

Leonardo Dicaprio
This talented actor known for his role in a popular movie 'Titanic' . He had a fairly stable childhood. When he was a year old his parents got divorced, as such, he lived with his mother who worked several jobs to feed herself and Leon. Today he is worth $220million.

Mariah Carey
She normally say it was difficult for her growing up.  Her parents were not together, as a result she lived with her mother. Her mother had to struggle to provide for herself, Mariah and her brother. She is one of the best artists in the world. She is now worth $520million.

Sarah Jessica Parker
She was born by parents that were not financially stable. Her mother was a full time housewife and her step father was a truck driver. She had 7 siblings (half siblings inclusive). She is now worth $90million.

Sean Combs
He is popularly known as Puffy, no I think Puff daddy, don't mind me I know its P.diddy.  He came from an unstable home, he lost his father at an early age. Today he is worth $735million.

Tom Cruise
His family was not really financially stable. Today he is worth $480million.

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