Monday, 24 August 2015

Self Respect versus Pride

Self respect is a feeling of self worth, your self worth should always come from within. Humans shall treat other fellow human nicely but not carry out actions to please them. The desire to please other humans (they are humans like you) can only lead to destruction. Just make sure you do the right things. An individual must have self respect, thus no one can treat you badly without your permission as such you should always stand up for yourself. Self respect is knowing you are worth something, and your self worth should come from within. 

Pride which is arrogance comes before the destruction of man, this is having a feeling that you are better than everyone else. You might possess some excellent skills but it does not make you better than everyone else. All of those skills are blessings from Allah. Everyone needs help at one time or the other, when you do need help feel free to ask others for it. Be willing to help others if it is within your capacity. Pride only brings about discomfort. Be always thankful for the things you have got, thankfulness do open the door for more blessings. Do not be rigid, be flexible! 

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