Saturday, 11 July 2015

Human Hair: Waste of money or what?

I decided to watch a movie, at the beginning of the movie a lady walks into a saloon with her boyfriend. She told the stylist to show her samples of hairstyles. The  stylist showed her  different styles, she picked one style and the stylist told her it will cost  #150000, she exclaimed #150000 ($750) for hair, she asked for the lowest price and the stylist said #100000 ($500). She told the man that they should leave. The man feeling like a big boy told the hairstylist to fix the one that will cost #150000 ($750). The lady insisted that she was going to leave the saloon and the man followed her. They movie panted the woman that felt it was expensive like the crazy one. I stopped watching the movie cause I knew I was not going to find it stimulating.

I was told by one hairstylist that some ladies spend #40000 ($200) on hair extensions  and discard them after one use. These ladies don't own a house,  don't own a car, but yet will spend such amount of money on hair. Buying one or two and re-using them occassionally is acceptable. I am not talking about #150000 ($750) cause that is a total waste of money, even if you are the richest person in the world (yes I know you work for your money). Hair cannot appreciate in value, it can't be used for a long time cause you can't re-use it for so long it won't look good so why waste such amount of money. Especially ladies who don't have major investments yet. Looking good is lovely, but you don't need hair extentions that will cost you #150000($750) to look good. That #150000($750) can turn into #1000000 ($5000) if invested wisely like starting a business. Ladies make financially wise decisions when buying hair. That $5000 can always be used when an unexpected expense comes up.

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