Thursday, 31 December 2015

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Wishing you all a happy new year! I hope you have made plans for the year. Do have a successful one. Cheers!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Tips on carrying out an effective market research

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Wow! New year is around the corner, excited much. I know I am. Yippee! Today, I will just be giving few tips on carrying out a market research. Every business must carry out a market research before starting their business. This will help the business figure out what products to make. The data that you want to obtain should then be determ├Čned. Data can be gotten from the internet, questionnaires, focus groups, surveys or interviews or databases.

The amount of money you will be willing to spend on the research should be determined, that will be one of the factors that influence your decision on the type of data you will be using. Secondary data are readily available since they have been previously collected and can be obtained easily from databases. Primary data are collected directly from the sources through interviews or questionnaires or focus groups. Both primary and secondary sources can be used to obtain data. If you are going to collect data via primary sources the next thing would be to determine your research sample population. This sample must represent the interest of the various groups in your target market. 

Afterwards, the data collected should then be processed, analysed and interpreted. Thus, they become the information you need to decide on the type of product you want to make, its quality, its price and others.

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Saturday, 26 December 2015

5 Industries to invest in

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Hello readers, today, I decided to give you a list of industries you can invest in. These industries are profitable as such you can start a business or buy the shares (halal) of companies that exist in the industry.

1. Healthcare Industy

This is one of the largest and growing industries in the world and it takes at least 10% of the GDP  (Gross Domestic Products) of most developed nations. The industry had a net profit margin of over 18% in USA (2015).

2.  Finance Industry

This industry is also a very good one for investment. Everyone deals with money. The industry had a net profit margin of over 16% in USA (2015). However, your products should be halal

3. Transportation Industry

Individuals always move about, thus it is a good industry to invest in. The industry had a net profit margin of over 8% in USA (2015).

4. Communication Industry

This industry is also a good one, individuals always communicate either from one city to another or from one continent to another. Thus the business is a lucrative one. The industry had a net profit margin of over 6% in USA (2015).

5.  Retail Industry
This is another industry that is profitable and growing. The industry had a net profit margin of over 3% in USA (2015).

Halal means anything that is lawful Islamically.

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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Guides on learning a skill

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Anyone can learn a particular skill, it takes determination, commitment and the right mindset. Henry Ford says" if you think you can then you can but if you think you can't then you can't. In other words to learn a new skill, you have to break some emotional barriers that you might have such as I do not want to make an error in front of others, what if my work comes out bad. All of those things are blah blah blah. Everyone makes mistakes.

This new skill you want to learn, if you have to know why you want to learn it, this will serve as a motivational factor. Is it something you are passionate about and any other reasons you may have.

Afterwards, figure out where you can learn this skill, do you need to attend classes or workshop. If subjects being taught are optional, focus on the ones that are the most important to the skill you want to learn. Make sure you understand what you are being taught.  Do ask questions if you do not understand and do not miss your classes or workshop.

Practice regularly, carry out several tasks that will require you to use the skill you have acquired, eventually it will become a part of you and you will excel at it. 

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

How to prevent fraud in business: Part 2

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Previously on this blog, I wrote an article " How to prevent fraud in business: Part 1" , so today I decided to write part 2. The risk of fraudulent activities exist in all companies. The use of CCTV camera works very well, use sophisticated cameras that can still reveal the identity of an individual in the dark. Yes, the CCTV camera is quite effective at preventing fraud. This will be applicable to companies that can afford such facilities

If you receive a lot of money in cash on a regular basis, your staff must be instructed to take some amount to the bank (halal) once it reaches a particular threshold. Only authorised personnels can take the money to the bank. When purchases need to be made by the company, it must be approved by 2 to 3 persons depending on the amount that needs to be spent.

A sophisticated information system must be used once they can be afforded, they must be re-evaluated frequently for loop holes so they can then be adjusted to prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of it. Every staff that deals with financial transactions must have a personal account that requires a password to post transactions. Staff must be made to change their passwords every three months and the system should not allow them to use old passwords. All of these will help prevent fraud within your businesses. That is all I have for you today, check out for part 3

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Monday, 21 December 2015


Yay! I promised you all two paragraphs from my book "How to become a successful entrepreneur" Here they are

The way individuals communicate with others depend on their perception of the other person they are communicating with, their past correspondences with the other person and their emotional state. Personally, I believe that the way an individual communicates depend on how they perceive things. People interpret things differently, what might upset one person might not even bother another. Thus, you as an entrepreneur or a potential one will have to develop your reasoning skills.

An individual might mean another thing some other individual might interpret it as another, thus, reasons should be given when necessary and appropriate. For example, a bricklayer might be told to set some blocks in a particular way, the bricklayer might not understand the reason behind it and might just decide to bypass that order. However,  if the bricklayer is told that it will make the building stronger then the bricklayer will be motivated to set the blocks the way he had been requested to do so. The way communication is received depends on the expectation and perception of the receiver, expectation and perception can be reinforced by prestige, atmosphere, environment and desire. Communication can only be received appropriately if it is built on what the receiver already knows. To be able to convince others, you must be convinced yourself.

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100 posts...Wow!

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Wow, I have written 100 articles. To celebrate this with you all and say a big thank you to all my readers. I will be posting two paragraphs from my book How to become a successful entrepreneur today. 

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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Dealing with rejection in business

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Hello readers, everyone have been rejected in business at one time or the other. Either you do not pass an interview or a client turns down your proposal. Rejection should not bring you down, I know some individuals might find it devastating, do not let it be that way. Once you get the rejection keep going do not stop there, just keep going. 

At the end of the day it is just one person's or a group of people's opinion, as such a few NOs should not stop you, you have to keep pushing till you succeed in business. At times lack of skills could be a reason for a rejection but then these skills can be developed. Afterwards, the same goal can be pursued again after the required skill has been developed. If you try achieving a business goal using one method and it does not work, you have to try another method cause if you use the same method again there is high likelihood that you will fail at it again. Get up, do not let the first no or second no...put you down, look for the next available step. Most of all Allah's time is always the best.

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

..... a quality of a good manager

As a good manager you do not have to know everything. All you have to do is to manage the resources available the best possible way in order to achieve the best possible results. I was listening to someone talk, she went to the manager to get something signed. He actually did not know what to do so he asked for her advise. She said she felt so irritated, however she told him what to do. The manager was new.  A manager should understand a business but does not have to know everything. A good manager must be willing to learn from subordinates in other words he did a good thing by asking. Just because an individual is a subordinate does not mean they won't know something you do not know. A manager is part of a team, yes you are leading the team, your main goal is manage resources efficiently and effectively (which include human resources) in order to achieve great results.

Someone once said to me that if people's expectation of him are high then he won't be able to deliver results, however if they know little about him and they are not expecting so much from him then he will deliver results. I guess it is a psychological thing. As a result, this makes him shy away from some positions. Thus, when he has a need to prove himself he fumbles. For me, when I walk into an office I never have that need to prove myself even if their expectations are high, I just want to do excellent job and that's it. Everyone should adopt that principle do not go into business with the aim of proving yourself that way you are never reluctant to ask questions when you do not know. When I do not know something, I find it very easy to ask.

I observed a senior colleague enlighten a junior colleague about something. Just for the junior colleague to brush off the feeling he felt (not everyone feels that way) he responded by saying "so many years of experience". Hmm! interesting. People that have more experience will always know more about the business, however, a person with a lesser experience can still know some things you do not know. A good manager will not brush it off if the point sounds good just because he/she did not think of it.

A manager that does not ask for the input of subordinates will end up running down the business. Employees feel like they belong to an organisation when their contributions are taken into consideration. One of the needs of humans is met at work that way" a sense of belonging" thus motivating them to put in their effort in the business. Buy my book, if you want to learn more about running a successful business, the hard copy and soft copy are available on amazon. Links are provided below. Keep checking my blog regularly. Cheers

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Calculating the UK income tax : a continuation

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In a previous post Calculating the UK income tax, I showed you how to calculate the UK income tax while focusing on the employment income, read the post before reading this one. Today, I will be looking at other sources of income which includes the trading income the investment income. 

When you have various sources of income lets say you have gotten income from employment, trading and investments then the employment income will be taxed first, followed by the trading income, and then the investment income afterwards. For example let's say Ahmed has gotten an employment income of £34,000, a trading income of £10,000, an investment income  of £5,000. The personal allowance of £10,600 will be deducted from £34,000. It will remain £23,400. It will be taxed at 20%, that will give you £4,680. From the previous post on taxes you must have noted that the basic rate band falls between 0 to £31,785. So £31,785 minus £23,400 you will get £8,385. Thus part of the trading income falls into the basic rate band, thus £8,385 will be taxed at 20% which will give us £1,677. Then the remaining of the trading income (£10,000 - £8,385), £1615 will be taxed at 40% as well as the £5,000  (assuming no form of taxes have been taken from it). Its going to be £1615 + £5000 = £6615. £6615 taxed at 40% will be £2,646. Overall tax to be paid will be £4,680 + £1677 + £2646 = £9003

A. Basic rate band     (£23,400 × 20%)= £4680
                                       (£8,385 × 20%) =£1677
B. Higher rate band  (£6,615 × 40%)= £2646   A + B                                                         £9,003

Check out for part 3 of this article. Keep checking my blog regularly, cheers!

Friday, 11 December 2015

Managing Stakeholders!

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The shareholder's theory stipulates that agents of a company (managers) should only aim at increasing shareholder's wealth. However, the  stakeholder's theory came around and challenged the shareholder's theory. This theory states that the needs of all stakeholders must be taken into consideration. Stakeholders include the shareholders, managers,  employees, creditors, government and the community at large. There are times when the need of one stakeholder might conflict with the need of another stakeholder.

Mendelow theory has dealt with such challenges. The theory suggests that stakeholders should be classified into four groups and this should be based on their power and interest in the company. Stakeholders with high interest and high power must be treated carefully, the stakeholders with little power but high interest in the company should be kept informed because they have the ability to influence more powerful groups. The group that has high power but are not really interested in the company should be kept satisfied. For those with little power and little interest in the company they require minimal efforts.

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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The prudent mind

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In order to be successful financially, you have to be prudent. One of the principles in accounting is to not overestimate your assets and revenues as well as not underestimating your liabilities and expenses.  That way you can thrive well financially as it will prevent you from spending more than you can afford to. This should be applied in businesses as well, it will help owners to know the true position of the company, thus promoting growth as well as preventing debt problems.

A prudent mind would avoid potential business problems. Thus, if you see a major red flag when you are about to enter a business. Do  not enter the business deal, thinking you will deal with the problem when it occurs. You will end up with losses and probably even debts. Some individuals will say they saw the red flag but they ignored it, do not ignore it. In other words if their is a huge risk the problem will occur and the impact will be high on the business, avoid the risk. Thus, reject the business deal. 

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Monday, 7 December 2015

4 suave actions of successful individuals before they sleep

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Hello readers, what do you do before you sleep. Do you watch tv before sleeping or do you browse before you sleep, you should not do all of this before sleeping. They could affect the quality of your sleep. As we all know an individual requires 6-8 hours of sleep everyday to be emotionally healthy. 

So the first suave action they carry out is not to work at least 1 hour before bed time. You should not associate your bed time with work because that way your mind might find it hard to relax when you want to sleep.

The next suave action is they clear their brain before bed time after they have a written a plan for tomorrow. So how do they clear their brain. I have an exercise that I stumbled on while researching, it will help you clear your brain. Thus, sit on your bed with your back straight, close your eyes. Then breathe in, hold your breathe for 10seconds then breathe out while tilting your body to the back. Then do it again.

The next suave action they carry out is to spend time with their family or spouse. They deepen their bond

The next suave action is to be thankful for the success they achieved through out the day. The success they have achieved generally. They pray and thank Allah for all of their blessings.

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Thursday, 3 December 2015

How to prevent fraud in business: Part 1

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Both small and big companies have to put controls in place to prevent fraud. I have heard a lot of stories about people living in one country and starting a business in another country. They leave the business underneath the supervision of another, at the end of the day all what the business does is to make losses. I was talking to an individual, apparently, the person started a business in haulage, and all the staff were reporting were losses. The person then decided to close down the business and the staff started begging (how funny). I told the person it is a small business you have to be there in person that is the only way your business can become successful. 

Even, when the owner is present at the business there are still some individuals that will try to defraud the business, talk-less of you being far away. When your business is small it is clear that you cannot put control of very high quality that will prevent fraud cause it is expensive. Once your business has now grown bigger and you can now afford to put those sophisticated controls in place then you can decide to go Antarctica and manage it from there. Back to the story I was telling you above, the individual is now present in the country where the business is, hopefully , some improvements will occur. That is just one of the stories I have heard. Thus, it is best to do your supervision yourself when the business is still small then you can make delegations once it is bigger.

I have heard a saying if someone can steal $1 if they have an access to $1,000,000 they will steal it. You might be thinking to yourself that is ridiculous, that was my initial thoughts too but it is true, I once saw a staff take £2 from the company's money to buy food to eat, few weeks later the staff was sacked cause the staff had stolen £3000 from the company. The person was also asked to pay the money unelse legal actions will taken against the person. Well, the person agreed to pay the money back. So I am telling you today, if a person steals from your company's money let the person go, however if a person steals a little amount like £2 and the person confesses and becomes apologetic then you should overlook it, however stealing is stealing whether the amount is large or small. Thus, it is totally wrong.

A change in the attitude of an employee could suggest a possibility of fraud. For example, the employee has just been disciplined by an employer, as a form of revenge the person might decide to steal from the company. You should note that, this is just a likelihood and not a certainty as such employees should not be made to feel like potential thieves, some do have high moral standards.

This is just part 1 of this article, do check out for part 2. Keep checking my blog regularly. Cheers!

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

5 practices of financially successful individuals

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- Individuals that are financially successful, think in a productive way. Thus, they always think before they act and they always take responsibility for their actions.

- They do not procrastinate, they carry out action when they are meant to.

- They apply the pareto principle, the 80/20 rule, as such they figure out the 20% of their financial activities that makes the 80% difference and focus on it.

- They go after their goals no matter how challenging it may appear.

-They aim for excellence not perfection with a great sense of gratitude.

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Monday, 30 November 2015

The decision making process

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As a business owner or manager you are going to be making decisions. The process of making decisions involves planning, implementing decisions and putting controls in place to enhance decisions. Before any business action can be carried out a plan has to be made. This plan will stipulate the objectives of the business and strategies that will be used to achieve the objectives. For a plan to be more realistic, it is always good to look at the performances of the past so as to be able to predict what can be achieved in future. Long term plans must be made and broken into short term plans.

After objectives of a business have been stipulated, a business owner or manager will have to evaluate various possible medium (strategies) of achieving the objectives of the organisation.  Reliable information should be used, so that the best option is chosen.  After the strategy needed to achieve the business objective has been chosen (a decision has been made) then the strategy should be implemented, thus you will be implementing the decision you made. In terms of control, the actual result is compared with the expected result to observe variances periodically, thus enabling a business to revise its objectives accordingly.

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Friday, 27 November 2015

5 Affordable Gorgeous Hotels in Asia

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Hello readers, I noticed that you enjoyed a previous post 9 sweet ways to save money on vacation as a result I decided to top it up with a list of affordable gorgeous hotels in Asia.

Panorama Deira Hotel

Dubai is a gorgeous city, no wonder it attracts a lot of tourists. This hotel is tastefully furnished. It is close to the Dubai International airport and prices start from $49 per night.

Pinnacle Lumpinee Park Hotel

This hotel is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand is known for its beautiful cuisines. The hotel has a sauna, an outdoor pool as well as a fitness centre. Prices for this hotel start from $34 per night.

The Pearl Hotel

This 3 star hotel is located at the centre of New Dehli, India. It has a fitness room as well as an open air spa bath. Prices for a room in the hotel start from $29.19 per night.

 The Sanlitun Inn

This is another beautiful hotel which is located in Beijing, China. The Capital International airport is 5 minutes away from the hotel. Prices for a room start from $22 per night.

Centurion Hotel Residential Akasaka

Apparently, hotels are expensive in Japan. This hotel is located in central Tokyo, Japan. It has a solarium, however charges are applied. Prices for this hotel start from $34 per night.

Bookings can be made through their websites, booking sites like,,, and gives discounts, however, not all countries (hotels) are available via the websites.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

No human is perfect

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It is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. I overheard someone complaining that he couldn't deliver his work on time as a result of another colleague's negligence. Now he thinks the next person to handle the task will think he is slow. As a result of that, he had a bad day. Mehn some people bother themselves over ridiculous things. For one, how to do you know what the person will think, what makes the person's thought more important than yours and lastly if it bothers you that much, just walk up to the person and tell the person the reason behind the lateness.

When I make a mistake, it never bothers me cause I know I am human and I am not perfect. Everyone should adopt that style of thinking. Now some people make mistakes and they think it is the end of the world, if the mistake have consequences, these consequences cannot last forever. Take actions to get rid of these consequences. First you do not succeed, dust yourself and try it again. 

I have a question I want you to ponder on tonight, on the birthday of a young boy's father, the boy goes into the kitchen to make breakfast for his father since it was his birthday. While trying to make toast he spoils the toaster. One party will say the boy should be scolded since he spoilt the toaster, the other party will say the boy's intention was pure so as such he should not be scolded but thanked. What party do you belong to? Keep checking out my blog regularly! Cheers!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Eliminating poverty: An advise for parents

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Today I thought about people that have very little. The absolute reason for abject poverty is lack of education. Some individuals were born into wealthy homes while some others were born into poverty. Due to poverty as such tender age , some parents place their own financial burden on their kids. I thank Allah I was blessed with great parents. Someone once told me about a person that got into legal trouble just because the person was trying to make money for family. At the age of 14 the person had to start making money for family. The person learnt a lesson. I do believe people should be given second chances as long as they have paid for their sins and changed for good. 

Now parents hope you know you play a vital role in the development of your children psychologically, financially and others. Education is very important, and guess what apart from other great benefits it gives, it can help you achieve financial success. Correct me if I am wrong, but government provides free primary school education even in the poorest countries, so take advantage of it. While free secondary school education is available in some countries. Parents send your children to school that is the best heritage you can give them. Do not make them sit at home and help you with your trade. All you are doing is putting them at a disadvantage. Even if you cannot afford to send them to the university send them to both primary and secondary school.

I am going to be realistic with you, the wealthiest people in the world are educated. Even if your child is talented, that education will still help differentiate him or her.  Your children can then work to send themselves to the university if you cannot afford it as a parent. Some people have sponsored themselves and they ended up financially successful. In developed nations an individual can learn a trade and still make good money but not as much as the educated, however, it is not the same story in developing nations, people that learn a trade do not make much money like sewing, fishing etc

When you place your financial burden on your kids at such tender age all you do is stress and expose them to negativity. Let them be kids, they are kids. Even some children come up with the mindset that if they do not make money to contribute for the upkeep of their family they will be rejected by their family, as such they are motivated to do uncomfortable things. Do not put your financial responsibility on your kids. An advise for wealthy parents that own a company please let your children know that it is okay to work for others. I was talking to a young adult, the person was complaining about being broke cause the person's father (owner of a company) had financial difficulties so the person was not getting as much money as before from him.  I said to the person get a job, unfortunately for the person, working for someone else was belitting. It is such a pity.

Parents do not let your children grow up with the mentally of they cannot work for others cause guess what financial mismanagement do happen and if that happens, do not put them at a disadvantage, make sure they do not develop such mindset. It is good to start your own company, however, the early stage of the business might not bring income or adequate income. Some businesses do not break even till after 2 years. Bring them up in such a way that they can lead and follow.

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Monday, 16 November 2015

The Japanese Management System

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I have not spent time with any Japanese but I have with some chinese people. I do love their mannerism  and not to mention I love chinese food. Hmm, I was carrying out my research today and I came across these words "Japanese Management System", then I thought to myself this will be interesting. I am familiar with strategic management, however, this is peculiar to Japan. Japan is the 3rd strongest economy in the world, thus, I know you will be curious to know about their management system.

There style of management can be applied to a business. I found out that the reason why Japan excel is because of their hard-work, commitment of their citizens to the company they work for and an education system that delivers highly skilled and self motivated graduates.

After that being said, the Japanese management system encourage businesses to make products that have no fault, using the cost leadership strategy to promote these products. They believe that the best way to strategic success is to utilize human resources to the maximum. In all, the Japanese encourages businesses to focus on growing their market share, to always have long term plans and to always promote innovation and quality improvements. Hope you have gained a thing or two.

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Thursday, 12 November 2015

How to manage creativity

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In a previous article, I mentioned that to stay competitive you have to respond to changes in the market as fast as possible, you also have to be innovative. Being innovative means being inventive which is a form of creativity that needs imagination, knowledge and communication skills. Experts say anyone can be creative, you just have to reach out to it. How true that is I do not know. Anyway, I carried out a research on how to tap into your creative side. Thus I came up with this, at the initial stage of creating your ideas you have to think less, you do not analyse your ideas at that stage you will destroy the creative energy. Being logical should only come at the end. Spend time in the right environment like an adult playground, that will help you relax as such great ideas will pop into your head. Sketching is another way to explore your creative energy according to researchers. Some creative design companies say you should play with legos, you know designing something with your hands.

The way creativity is managed by business owners, managers e.t.c is different from the way other aspect of the business is managed. People who explore their creative side (me I think creativity comes naturally but I cannot question the experts hahaha). Creative individuals enjoy egalitarianism, thus they believe everyone should be treated equally, they love to be spontaneous, they love to experience freedom and have fun while delivering result that will add value to an organisation. They prefer recognition as opposed to being given managerial roles. Thus, individuals managing such departments must put all the information mentioned above into consideration.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ways to control your inventories

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This article will be useful if you buy and sell goods. You want to have an adequate amount of stocks available for your customers, you do not want to buy goods that customers won't buy until they go obsolete and then you have to discard them. You will also want to have the lowest storage cost possible, thus not storing excessive goods which will then lead to a high storage cost. A lot of factors are taken into consideration, other factors include minimizing your cost of re-ordering goods annually. You do not want to tie up your capital in stocks, thus you need funds to execute other business activities.

Today, I am going to let you know when to re-order stocks and how much stocks you have to order for when you need new stocks. The re-order level is calculated by multiplying the maximum lead time by the maximum usage. The lead time is the average period it takes to order and receive your stocks while the usage is the amount of stocks you sell during that period.  Thus if your maximum lead time is 10 days and the maximum usage per day is 400 units. Then your re-order level will be 10 × 400 units which is 4000 units of goods. Thus, when the units of your goods falls below 4000 units then you will have to make a re-order 

Now, you know when to re-order your stocks, the next challenge will be to calculate the quantity you have to order. You will want to order for a quantity that will minimize your holding cost and ordering cost. The Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)  will be calculated cause it minimizes the total holding and ordering cost. That will be the quantity you will order for. The holding costs include the cost of staff, the storage cost and the cost of deteriorated goods. The ordering cost include delivery cost, documentation cost and others. The annual holding cost is the average stock multiplied by the cost of holding a unit per year (Ch). The average stock is Q/2, where Q is the order quantity.  The annual ordering cost is the Annual Demand (D) divided by the order quantity (Q) multiplied by the cost of placing one order (Co). Thus, the

Annual Holding Cost = Q/2 × Ch

Annual Ordering Cost = D/Q × Co

The Annual Total Cost is the annual holding cost + annual ordering cost, thus, the

Total Cost = (Q/2 × Ch) + (D/Q × Co)

The  formula for the Economic order quantity is given below

             EOQ = /((2 × Co ×D) ÷ Ch)

Where / equals square root and the other symbols represent the same meaning as the ones above. Keep checking out my blog regularly. Cheers!

Monday, 9 November 2015

How to spend your time in the morning: a tip for financial success

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Some people wake up early in the morning, while some others sleep till late. Guess what all successful entrepreneurs get up early in the morning. Most successful entrepreneurs get up by 6.00am, some are even up by 5.30am. What time do I get up? No I am not telling you (keep guessing, mystery is good for you (smiles)). Managing your time in the morning effectively and efficiently will become an habit over time once you start managing it. Now I sound like an expert on time management. I just carried out a research which I learnt from and I am delivering it.

Do you know most Chief Executive Officers spend 30 minutes in morning running. Okay, me I will walk cause I cannot run hahaha. This is something I am planning to start and I hope you start it too. It gets them fully prepared for the day. We have 24 hours in a day, 8 hours is spent sleeping, 8 hours is spent working if you have a regular job (9am to 5pm). Thus, you have 8 free hours left. I am not going to tell to plan every single hour of your day that will be boring. Please spend some time do something spontaneously.

If you are up by 6am in the morning, you will have 3 free hours for yourself yay! You should spend at least 30 minutes praying to Allah (be conscious of the time for fajr prayers). 20 minutes spent on exercises (they run, you do not have to run, just have a form of exercise), 40 minutes bonding with your family if you live with them, like you might have to cook and have a chat or cater to your kids and spouse if you have kids and a spouse. So guess what you have 1hr 30 minutes to get ready and get down to work. Keep  checking my blog regularly. Cheers!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Nigerian celebrities that started out broke

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Hello readers, so today I decided to write about Nigerian celebrities that started out broke and today they are rolling in money.

Omotola Jolade

She had a good standard of living until her father passed away. It was really bad for her family, she and mum at a time begged her neighbour for money but got an unfavourable response. Today Omotola is worth $2.8 million.

Ramsey Nouah

He was born with a silver spoon, however, his mother became broke. This built him up. There were times him and his mother had no food to eat. He went from grace to grass then to grace again. Today he is worth a lot of money.


These brothers had a poor background. Their parents had to struggle to take care of the family. As kids they slept in their living room with 6 other siblings at night, while their parents slept in the other room. Today, they are worth $128 million. 

Don Jazzy

He was once a security guard. He has always had a flair for music. Today he is worth $35 million.

Terry G
He claims that he did not make money while he sang R&B songs. His R&B songs did not put food on the table. He was broke. Today he sings crazy songs and that puts food on his table. I find it hilarious. He is worth a lot today.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

8 tips on how to keep your job

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* Always arrive to work on time, in other words be punctual.

* Do not always make excuses to stay away from work. A good attendance record is required for you to keep your job.

* Deliver results, the work you do should be considered as your product, thus find a way to differentiate your product, aim for excellence.

* Do not form personal relationships at work. Some people will not agree with me but I believe that forming personal relationships at work will only lead to conflict of interest at work. Just form a good working relationship with your colleagues, thus treat them well.

* Make sure you treat your bosses with respect, however you can always make your suggestions known in a polite manner.

* Your holiday should be booked in a strategic manner, thus, do not seek for holidays during busy periods.

* Follow the culture of your department as long as its not anything that is bad for you. For example, colleagues bring in sweets, chocolates and biscuits on their birthdays, then do the same.

* Maintain the suave look

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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Dangers of Procrastination

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Everyone has procrastinated at a particular time in there life, but some people do it all the time. For example some people spend 30 minutes on their bed before they get up from their bed in the morning. Some individuals postpone actions to be carried out today, they keep telling themselves I will do it tomorrow, tomorrow comes and they say I will do it tomorrow and they end up not doing it ot they do it when its too late thus leading to dissatisfaction. 

All individuals that are financially successful hardly procrastinate, when you do not procrastinate it makes it easier for you to achieve your goal cause that way you do not have to rush things, you carry out actions at a very good pace. You set a long term goal, you break it into short term goals and then you write a plan to achieve these goals. The moment you execute your plan without procrastinating the higher your chance of achieving your goal, thus procrastination hinders success generally.

If you know you are going to carry out a task do it immediately, cause a delay might prevent you from achieving the goal, thus leading to performances that are not good, so get rid of procrastination. Keep checking my blog regularly. Cheers! Like this blog on facebook .

Friday, 30 October 2015

10 top paying handyman jobs

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A handyman is an individual that has been employed to carry out repairs and minor renovations. 10 top paying handyman jobs will be written below

10. Window repair
       Average Salary: $36,000

9.  Pest Control 
     Average Salary: $41,000

9.  Pipe Fitter
     Average Salary: $41,000

9.   Shelving
      Average Salary: $41,000

8.   Decks
       Average Salary: $47,000

8.   Fireplace Cleaning
       Average Salary: $47,000

7.  Dryer Vent 
      Average Salary: $48,000

6.   Auto Maintenance
      Average Salary: $51,000

5.  Foundations
     Average Salary: $53,000

4.  Appraising of Propery
     Average Salary: $56,000

3.  Cabinet Refacing
     Average Salary: $58,000

2.   Roofing
      Average Salary: $71,000

1.   Home Security Systems
       Average Salary: $73,000